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HP DMI Latest all version download

Sunday, July 25, 2021 / No Comments


HP DMI Latest all version download

HP provides the DMIFIT and WNDMIFIT tools for re-flashing the DMI region:
This application use to Update Hp Laptop and Desktop Machine Information like Serial number, SKU (Product Number), CT number , UUID and Build Version etc.

This is the solution for machine is not in committed state.

HP Mobile Firmware Interface Tool (DMIFIT) — this tool, introduced in 2009, combines the previous consumer and commercial notebook DMI flashing tools (HPSetCfg and BrandIT) into one package. This combined package enables one version of the utility to support all consumer and commercial product families that shipped after 2C08. This tool replaces HPSetCfg and BrandIT.

HPSetCFG and BrandIT are two older DMI flash tools that are no longer used with current HP notebooks:
HPSetCfg  —  used for commercial notebooks.
BrandIT  — used for consumer notebooks.

Windows DMI Firmware Interface Tool (WNDMIFIT) — HP business notebooks made after 2011 must use the WNDMIFIT tool to update DMI information.

HP Dmi Latest all versions download

DMI Tools Version NbDmifit 1.0B   Download
DMI Tools Version NbDmifit 1.1C    Download
DMI Tools Version NbDmifit 1.1D    Download
DMI Tools Version NbDmifit 1.1E    Download
DMI Tools Version NbDmifit 1.1F    Download
DMI Tools Version NbDmifit 1.14B Download
DMI Tools Version NbDmifit 1.14D Download
DMI Tools Version NbDmifit 1.15    Download
DMI Tools Version NbDmifit 1.18    Download
DMI Tools Version NbDmifit 1.19    Download
DMI Tools Version NbDmifit 2.0A  Download
DMI Tools Version NbDmifit 2.0E  Download
DMI Tools Version NbDmifit 2.0F  Download
DMI Tools Version NbDmifit 2.02  Download
DMI Tools Version NbDmifit 2.03  Download
DMI Tools Version NbDmifit 2.05  Download
DMI Tools Version NbDmifit 2.06  Download
DMI Tools Version NbDmifit 2.07  Download
DMI Tools Version NbDmifit 2.08  Download
DMI Tools Version NbDmifit 2.09  Download
DMI Tools Version NbDmifit 2.10  Download
DMI Tools Version NbDmifit 2.12  Download
DMI Tools Version NbDmifit 2.13  Download
DMI Tools Version NbDmifit 2.14  Download

1. Extract Nbdmifit-V x.xx.rar to the root of the USB key formatted as FAT32.
2. Goes to F10 -> System Configuration -> Boot options -> UEFI Boot Mode
-> Press “Enter” to enable EFI boot -> Select “Accept” -> Save and exit.
3. Press F9 then “External USB Hard Drive” -> Press enter to run startup.nsh
4. Follow menu to commit AMT and AT.
Chose 1 to commit VPRO with AT, or 3 to commit Non-VPRO with AT
5. Press 9 and then Enter key to lock descriptor and reboot the machine.
6. Press F9 then “External USB Hard Drive”.
You should see the message “Pass!!! This machine is configured”
7. Reboot to F10 and disable EFI boot mode. Done.

How to use HP Mobile Firmware Interface Tool (DMIFIT):

HP Mobile Firmware Interface Tool

Manufacture Programming model is in unlock mode tool download

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Manufacture Programming model is in unlock mode tool download

Raminfotech Laptop Service Porur

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What to check when buying a used laptop ?

Friday, August 7, 2020 / No Comments

What to Check When Buying a Used Laptop ?


While purchasing a pre-owned laptop, you must know what to check when buying a used laptop. It’s the computer age and nowadays lifetime is considered by computer usage and development which effects on all aspects of our life. The laptop is very common in use by everybody. Everybody cannot afford the brand new expensive laptops so they prefer to buy used laptops as the only left option. One needs to be vigilant while purchasing a second-hand laptop.

Below are some helpful tips:

  • Before buying any used laptop, you should ask yourself what you are planning to do with it. You should know what exactly you need. Look for the required applications, battery life, portability, RAM, CPU Etc.
  • It is very important to inspect the laptop body carefully. It is advisable to check the used laptop’s working condition, preferably buy a second-hand laptop that is within three years old. Must check if there are any cracks, missing screws or any other loopholes.
  • Must check the battery of laptop as it should support the longevity away from a power source or doesn’t drain too fast. In another case, you may directly ask for the cost of battery replacement or a spare AC adapter.
  • Must examine the important peripherals of the laptop. Most used parts are only the keyboard and trackpad. Look over the broken or non-working keys, mouse keys should be present and smooth. Make sure if the CD drives are working properly. Check all other available inputs such as USB port, headphone jack, SD card slot etc. Test the webcam and speakers too.
  • The speed of the laptop is determined by the amount of RAM, so must check for the RAM memory spaces. Avoid purchasing a used laptop with memory less than 128 MB, as it cannot run many of the programs and applications that are available in standard computers of today.
  • Must examine the software licenses as the preloaded operating system is genuine and make sure any product keys are made offered to you. Ask for the genuine software CDs, recovery CD, drivers and backup media.
  • Last but not the least, portability matters a lot. So must think of size and weight before buying, it should be small enough to transport it comfortably.

In nutshell, we can say that always examine the important factors like the laptop brand, size, weight, battery life, connectivity, storage, memory, and processing power. Get the best deal which gives you the value for your money spent.